How do I put this necklace on? Am I wearing it correctly?

To wear the necklace, gently pull apart the two sides and place around the back of your neck so that the beads are displayed over the center of your chest. Please note that many of our designs are asymmetric, and all are designed with some open space between the left and right sides.

    What size should I purchase?

    Our standard size is by far the most popular since our open concept memory wire designs accommodate a wide variety of body types. 

    We also offer an extended length only in our Signature Series necklaces, which is recommended for those with necks measuring over 16.5” or 42cm in circumference. See our sizing chart here.

    What is your return policy?

    We have a 45 day return policy for purchases made on this website. All returns must be postmarked within 45 days of purchase date and show no signs of wear. 

     Returns over $300 need to be approved by company manager, the reason of return should be stated.

    For instructions and return shipping address, please email info@kristinacollection.com. 

    If your product was purchased at a retail store location, please contact the store where you made the purchase. The store will be able to assist you with information on how to return the item.

    If you are outside of the 45-day return period and have a problem, please contact us at info@kristinacollection.com and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

    What are your necklaces made with?

    All of our jewelry is 100% hypoallergenic, and lead and nickel free. The necklaces and earrings are made with a copper-based alloy, and then coated in an enamel. All of our designs feature frosted glass beads that are hand-made in the Czech Republic and Germany.

    How do I clean my jewelry?

    The glass beads in our jewelry can be safely spot cleaned with any glass cleaner. Spray a small amount onto a woven cloth and gently wipe the beads down. Please avoid dipping or spraying your jewelry with any jewelry cleaning solutions, as this may damage the enamel finish of the wire.

    What do I do if a bead falls out?

    If you have the bead: Our beads can be glued back into place easily by using any glue that is recommended for glass, such as clear super glue. Using a toothpick or similar tool, put a very small amount of glue on the back of the bead and gently press it back into the setting. Be careful not to use too much glue or pressure, as this can cause the glue to spill over the edges of the setting and be visible.

    If you don't have the bead: If you are missing a bead, we will happily send you a replacement by mail, free of charge. Please send us a photo of the jewelry in need of a replacement bead, in good lighting, so we can determine what size, color, and/or shape of the bead we need to send you. You may send your photo and request to info@kristinacollection.com. Please include your full name and mailing address with your request. 

    How do I keep my jewelry looking like new?

    We recommend that you avoid direct contact with the following when wearing your jewelry: both salt and fresh water, perfumes, topical medications, soaps, lotions, and creams. We suggest you apply any perfumes, lotions, and creams first, allow them to dry completely, and then put on your jewelry. These things may not damage your jewelry at first, but prolonged exposure could cause damage to the enamel coating over time. 

    Do you have a storefront, or brick and mortar location, that I can come and visit?

    Kristina Collection jewelry can be purchased at many authorized retailers nationwide. Email us at info@kristinacollection.com for assistance finding a store near you.

    I run a shop and would love to carry your line!

    For information regarding wholesale opportunities, please contact us at info@kristinacollection.com. Be sure to include your name, store name, and store address in your email.